Google Maps lets business owners share changes amidst COVID-19

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We know that the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has affected a lot of aspects of our lives. Businesses and consumers alike will have to make changes probably over the next few months as various governments around the world try to contain the outbreak. Letting your consumers know about changes in business hours, policies, and other information can be challenging and so Google Maps is now letting businesses add these changes and adjustments to their profiles for easier dissemination to those visiting their business pages.

Google now lets businesses adjust their Business Profile on Maps and Google Search in case they will be changing their business hours in light of an outbreak in their area. For example, if your business will have shortened hours or some days they will be closed, then you can update your profile so people who will search for you on all Google platforms will see these changes and not be surprised that you’re closed at this day or at these hours.

You can also post some of the smaller changes that you’re making in the description field of your profile. For example, if you’re a retail store, you can assure your potential visitors that you are taking precautions like regular sanitation efforts, alcohol available for customers, etc. It’s important to have this information on your profile to assure people that while it’s “business as usual”, you are also taking steps to protect visitors and employees alike.

Of course, your business should also make these announcements on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But it might get buried under your other announcements so it would also be good to have this information on your Google profile. A lot of people who are not on social media anymore do Google information about businesses and search for them on Google Maps as well.

So if you own a business and have a Google profile, consider adding both the big and small announcements on your profile now. And if you don’t have a profile yet, you should get on that.

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