Google Maps Compass feature available again

Google Maps Compass

The Google Maps app is getting a number of new features and improvements. Just recently, we learned about the new AI-powered features that could help you navigate better. The app could also now remind you who shared their location with you. Some other recent changes include letting you pay for parking and transit fare from the app, search for EV charging stations on Android Automotive, more accurate street details (London, NYC, SF, Tokyo), as well as, community feed to Explore tab.

More changes and enhancements are in the works. The last we learned is the ‘compass’. It’s not really new. It was missing for a while but now it’s back.

Many Google Maps users have been requesting for this feature. The compass is ready once again and is believed to be more reliable this time. We’re not exactly sure what happened to it but no need to worry if you’re still interested in this navigation feature.

It should be more accurate now. Those issues reported by users from two years ago should be fixed by now. The feature still has special use. People still turn to it for more information about a location.

Google Maps 10.62 version should have the compass already. Older Maps version may also get it. We’re crossing our fingers the reliability and accuracy are really better. There are early reports that it’s still not showing the correct direction. We’ll see what Google has to say further about the update.

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