Google Lens features updated for better productivity at home

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For many people like you and me who are stuck at home, we know how it can get boring at times. To beat such boredom, we can do many things like learning a new skill. Maybe cook or bake, finally? The latter I wish to do to keep things more productive. This quarantine season has benefits and learning how to bake is something I wish to accomplish. It’s easier to learn new things because of gadgets and the Internet. No more excuses because Google knows everything.

There is no excuse now because Google Lens can help. Google’s very own image recognition technology can be more helpful because it lets you search even without having to use words. Oftentimes, there are things that need to be explained but we can’t with words.

With Google Lens, you can search with images only in identifying places or everyday items. It can identify more than just regular products or plans. It can now let you be more productive like copy text from paper to phone computer, learn new words and know how to pronounce them, and look up new concepts quickly.

Selecting text with the Google Lens can be easier now with the ‘copy to computer’ option. It pastes the information on another device running the Chrome browser. No need to type again because the copy-paste feature can be done across devices.


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