Google Jacquard is back for epic Adidas football insoles collaboration

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Adidas, Google and EA have teamed up for the latest instalment of Project Jacquard – the Adidas GMR – a pair of connected football boot insoles.


The leak from Footy Headlines backs up an official teaser from Google across Twitter and Instagram, that hints at a that collaboration using Google’s Project Jacquard smart clothing platform will be announced on 10 March.

The Adidas GMR insoles will measure your performance on the pitch offering feedback on ground covered, as well as kicks and ball control metrics.


But that’s not the full story. The stats will be used by FIFA Mobile, and while we’re yet to get the full details, it sounds like you’ll be able to create your own player in Ultimate Team, based on your own performances.

For the uninitiated that are wondering what on earth Google Jacquard is – it’s a smart clothing project from Google’s ATAP (Google Advanced Technology and Projects) division.


It’s seen two product launches so far: a denim cycling jacket made by Levis with touch sensitive controls in the sleeves. This was followed by an Yves Saint Laurent bag that followed in 2018 with touch controls in the straps.

However, it seems the feature set here will be completely different to previous Jacquard outings that saw touch controls woven to fabric. It could be that these touch controls have morphed into pressure sensors. Either way, we’re expecting an evolution of the platform come 10 March.

Check back for the full details.

Via TechRadar


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