Google intros updates to help the whole family this school year

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Google Virtual Classroom Learning From Home

It’s now August which means most schools all over the world are about to open. Well, this year is different though as millions of people are required to stay at home. No thanks to the pandemic that is changing humanity. There is no point now in complaining. We got to move forward and think of ways on how to live at home peacefully. It’s not the case for some people but consider yourself blessed (or lucky) if your only problem is how to survive being with your kids 24/7, juggling their school and your work.

Google has been helping parents and guardians the past few months by coming up with updates to apps and services, as well as, releasing more age-appropriate content. Boredom hits everyone so bad but good thing Google is ready. YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids have received important updates recently. YouTube Kids also offers new and enhanced ‘After School’ experience.

A few new additions have been made to keep families organized and on track. Google launches ‘Family Bell’ so family members can be reminded throughout the day. It can tell you a class is about to start or when it’s time to have a snack, take a break, or time for bedtime.

Check your Google Assistant settings to set up the service. You can soon find yourself saying, “Hey Google, create a Family Bell”. The section will suggest bells or alerts for you. This feature will be ready in key markets like the US, Canada, Australi, India, and the UK. Language is English only for now.

The Google Assistant can also broadcast messages and reply to them around the house. Feel free to broadcast to a specific room or device. A fun alarm can also be set with the kids’ favorite characters like ‘Hatchimals’ among others.

Google Assistant will also offer new facts about a topic. Smart speakers and smart displays with the Google Assistant in the US can share new information so the children and even parents can learn more. On YouTube Kids, more videos are being added so the students will understand a subject more. Doing homework can also be easy as the Google Assistant can also help in spelling or math.

With all these improvements to Google’s products and services like Family Link, the whole family can become closer together. They can spend more quality time together if life is easier. Thank you, Google.

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