Google I/O 2021: Here’s what to expect

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Google IO 2021 Countdown

Google will open its doors to developers around the world in less than 24 hours. A virtual event will be held and everyone is invited. Google IO 2021 conference will be virtual only and is free. You can still register if you wish to join. It will be an interesting time because last year’s even was canceled due to the pandemic. The crisis isn’t over but the tech giant has decided to continue with the online conference in the new normal.

Google I/O 2021 will be three-day virtual event happening on May 18 to 20. Schedule has been released and we know many of you are already excited. We’re gearing up for all news and announcements. So far, we know new Google Assistant products will be unveiled.

We have gathered the important information you need to know. You can expect new stuff about Google, Android, and Chrome will be announced. More topics will be covered as well and in less than 25 hours, the opening keynote will be addressed. Pre-show will be at 9:40AM PT with the Google Keynote starting promptly at 10:00AM PT. Developer Keynote will be at 12:15PM PT.

HERE. Here are some keynotes and major sessions:

• Developer Keynote
What’s new in Android
• What’s new in Google Play
• What’s new for the web platform
What’s new in Machine Learning
• What’s new in Google Assistant
• What’s new in Material Design
• What’s new in Chrome OS
• What’s new in Flutter
• What’s new in Firebase
• What’s new in Google Play
• New Capabilities in ARCore
• What’s new in smart home
• Measure and debug performance with Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery
• Preparing for page experience ranking
• What’s new in Android TV and Google TV
• What’s new in Jetpack Compose
• C interoperability with Dart FFI
• Spotting and solving everyday problems with machine learning

We can also look forward to learning more about a brand new Wear version. Of course, Android 12 will also be discussed, as well as, Jetpack Compose updates. Android 12 Beta 1 will launch during the conference so let’s wait and see. And oh, who’s joining?

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