Google Home is on sale for $29 for a limited time only

If you’ve been thinking about getting the Google Home smart speaker for years, now is probably the best time to get it and we mean right now. Google’s original Google Assistant-powered device is on sale at its lowest price now at just $29. They didn’t make any big announcement about this but it’s already garnering a lot of attention so you will have to get yourself to your favorite online retailer or on Google Store directly before they run out of stocks.

The original price of the Google Home is $99 so this discount is pretty remarkable, especially since just last month they already brought it down to $47. We don’t know if they are just getting rid of old stocks to make way for a new device that will be announced or if they’re taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people are staying in their homes and may be in need of a new or their first smart speaker.

Even though there are probably more advanced smart speakers in the market, Google Home is still pretty useful and if you get it at the discounted price, that’s a really good deal. Aside from all the Assistant things that it can do, it has great sound quality as well as intuitive touch controls, so you’ll be able to maximize it as a smart speaker as well. Plus, design-wise, it has a minimalist look so it can fit anywhere and with any motif.

But of course, the Google Assistant powers is one of the major reasons to get a Google Home and lately, those powers have met with several improvements. We told you that they’re bringing sensitivity adjustments soon to lesson the errors and protect your privacy better. You can also now preview audiobooks and buy them directly from Google Home through Google Play Books. We’ll probably get more new features over the next few weeks as well.

But you need to make up your mind if you’re getting Google Home at the $29 price since stocks are running out quickly. It doesn’t seem to be available at the Google Store already so go and check it out at other online retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc.

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