Google HDR+ for Camera Go may be ready on Android Go phones

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Camera Go on Android (Go edition) 3

Google is always believed to exceed expectations when it comes to Android phones because the company knows the mobile platform from the inside out. Sadly, the tech giant hasn’t really come up with an award-winning Android phone yet. Sure, the Nexus phones and now the Pixel phones are popular but you won’t find them being widely raved about. We’re not sure how Google does research, product development, and testing but certainly, the company can still work on many improvements.

Google can start by further improving its software. By software we mean not the Android OS but mobile apps. One app it can greatly enhance is the camera. To start with, there is the Camera Go app for budget Android Go phones.

The Google Camera Go is a simpler version of the Google Camera app for Pixel phones. It doesn’t have all the features but budget phones can soon have what the Pixel devices have. The company has been testing HDR photography for Camera Go. This means those budget devices will have HDR soon.

Camera Go has been tested on Android Go-powered Nokia 1.3. It’s basic but offers HDR photography. It’s something you won’t expect from a low-cost budget phone until the Camera Go comes along. It includes other important features like a hidden “Detail Enhance” toggle to enable HDR (Off, Auto, and On).

HDR brings dynamic range to photos. It takes three photos at different exposures. The next step is their bits are highlighted. HDR+ is expected to improve the camera performance of the camera of these budget Android phones. It’s not final yet but we see the potential of entry-level phones greatly improving when it comes to the camera department.

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