Google gets data on app installs via Play Store to improve further

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Google Play Store

Google has something new again for the Android community. An app install optimization feature will be ready soon but you have to share your data with Google first. It is a new initiative meant to further improve the installation experience. In the future, the changes can reduce time of download, launching, and running apps on the Android devices. This update is mainly for the end-users who may want a faster downloading and installation. The Android development team continues to work on new features and changes as the platform further advances.

Google can and will collect data on how a person interacts with any new app. It can also check what sections of the app one accesses when the app is launched. This happens when the App install optimization feature is enabled. The tech giant only wants to know the common behaviors of the users by looking at the data of a larger user base.

With all the information Google will be collecting, the company can learn more on how to speed up installation, launch, and app running time. Crowdsourcing data will help the company to know helpful data and information that will help reduce the amount of time it takes to launch or run apps, speed up installation from the Google Play Store, and reduce strain on a phone’s CPU, storage, and battery.

Users are not forced to enable the feature. It’s opt-in. You can change the setting from the Play Store app. The Google Play Store up must be updated to the latest version. Even if you turn off the App install optimization feature, users can still benefit from the collected data and information.

Google is believed to be rolling out the update now. Some users have seen pop-up messages that contain the following: “Google is optimizing app installs with your help. Google Play makes apps faster to install, open, and run based on what people are using most. The first time you open an app after installing, Google notes which parts of the app you use. When enough people do this, your apps will install faster. App install optimization is automatically turned on, but you can turn it off in Settings.”

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