Google Gemini now works with Google Calendar on Android

Earlier this month, Google launched Gemini on Android, an AI-powered alternative to Google Assistant on the platform. While Gemini has a bunch of abilities that Google Assistant doesn’t, such as helping you write something and generating images for you, unfortunately, it can’t perform some of the very basic tasks that Google Assistant can. One of those inabilities is that Gemini can’t access Google Calendar and therefore, it can’t perform any actions related to it, such as creating an event. Well, that’s changing today.

According to 9To5Google, Google has started rolling out the ability for Gemini to access Google Calendar in the US. With that, Gemini can now perform tasks related to Google Calendar. For example, you can ask it to create an event for a meeting for tomorrow in Google Calendar, and it will do that. Interestingly, Gemini is invoking/using Assistant to perform tasks related to Google Calendar, which is evident from the events that the assistant is showing on the screen. Nonetheless, it now works with Google Calendar.

On a related note, Google has added Gemini to Google Keep as well. With the addition of it, Google Keep can now help you in creating lists.

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