Google for Education intros new products and improvements

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Most students are back to school or are about to start but we know this year is different. It’s not the same not just for the students and teachers but also for parents. For many of us, it’s challenging to handle work and then having to help kids with school. Many of us are forced to homeschool. There is no point in complaining. Good thing we have more advanced technology these days. The Internet allows people to work and study from home.

But of course, parents still need all the help. Google is working on making our lives easier. The search giant has been introducing improvements, new features, and new products that will make staying at home more enjoyable. We may be done with fighting boredom so let us focus on things that will make school fun even when at home.

The Google for Education team recently held ‘The Anywhere School’. It’s a back-to-school event where products and services were launched for the children and parents. The first improvement is noise cancellation in Google Meeting. It’s a special option that lets users cancel the noise so audio will be better.

Google has the Tech Toolkit for Families and Guardians. More resources are made available, covering more topics and more subjects. A video series has been shared by Google to help parents help their kids. Google explains the new products and features that the whole family can use to ensure efficiency and safety.

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