Google Fit update brings improved workout tracking

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With the holiday season officially upon us, staying fit and healthy can be a challenge. You may not be going to as many gatherings now because of the pandemic but it will still be a bit more difficult to keep those pounds off. If you’re using a Wear OS device to help you keep track of your activities and other things, the latest update to the Google Fit app should make it easier and more convenient for you to do so.

The update to the smartwatch app will now show you all the information about your workout like distance covered, calories burned, in two tiles. But if you also want quick access to things like media controls and settings, you just have to swipe right to see those even when you’re in the middle of a workout. You can see the updates to your heart rate zones at the top of your screen while just tapping on your screen can change what metrics you want to see.

If you’re trying to reach or beat your goals, you can now get alerts on each kilometer or mile that you’ve covered as well as updates on how you’re dong as compared as to your last split. If you’ve also selected a target or a goal, you’ll be able to get updates on how you’re doing on the Google Fit app. And since we need to celebrate small victories, you’ll get notifications every time you meet target Heart Points and steps.

One thing that all smartwatch users probably do is tap their device on accident especially when doing strenuous physical activity. You can now switch on the Touch Lock setting from your workout. You can still use hardware buttons to pause, resume, switch screens but no more accidental taps on your wrist. You need to update your smartwatch to the latest version of Wear OS to use this.

To help you focus and refocus, you’ll also now get a Breathe Tile so you can get easier access to guided breathing sessions as well as other metrics related to this. You will be able to see all these if you have Google Fit on your Wear OS device or download the latest version to experience all these new things.

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