Google Fit stats now accesible through phone widget, home screen

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If you like tracking how many steps you take or other fitness-related stats that you want to know, you probably already have a smartwatch or a fitness app that you regularly use. But if you don’t have a wearable and you use Google Fit, it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to check on your stats. The latest update to Google Fit will now make it easier for you to do so as you will be able to check on your stats from your Android smartphone’s home screen or from the widget you can install on it.

Google Fit may not be as feature-packed as other fitness apps that have been in the market longer, but it can give you the basics and sometimes that’s all you need anyway. And if you like being in the whole Google ecosystem, then it’s something that you may prefer to use over the other apps. If you have a smartwatch or wearable, then everything should be easy peasy. But if you’re just relying on your smartphone’s sensors and basic fitness-related features, then it can be a bit tricky.

Previously, you had to open the Google Fitness app in order to check in all your fitness tracking stats. When you update to the latest version though, things can be a bit easier. You can install the Google Fit widget and then tap on the widget whenever you feel like checking on your step count. You can also swipe from your home screen to get more information, provided probably that you’re using the Google launcher and not a third-party launcher.

This is just a basic update though and will probably not make you switch from your current fitness app or tracking service that you’re used to already and that may be more robust. But if you’ve been using Google Fit for some time now or if you don’t have a fitness tracking app but would like to try it out, then this is a convenient way for you to start or re-start your healthy habits.

The Google Fit update has started rolling out so it should be available for all users over the next few days. Even iOS users also have something new as they can just swipe left on the Today feed to see their stats, provided they have installed the Google Fit widget that is.

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