Google Fi VPN goes out of beta for Android, adds improvements

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Google Fi VPN

Having your own VPN is no doubt a necessity right now. It’s more than just being able to access things you can’t easily access but it’s also about protecting what you have. Google wants to help further in this area by offering Fi VPN for Android. We’ve heard about this before but the service is exiting beta which means more people will be able to access and have a more secure network. It’s important especially when you are always on your phone that you use outside the house.

Public wifi used to access apps and websites are oftentimes not secure. There is always the risk of being hacked because there are sites that do not encrypt data. If you use sensitive information, make sure you use VPN. Google now offers built-in virtual private network with Fi phone plans so you can be worry-free.

Google’s Fi VPN allows you to browse, download, and stream content on a private and encrypted connection. If you have VPN, websites can’t just use your IP address to track your location. You are protected from hackers even with an unsecure connection.

Google Fi VPN improvements

For ‘Safer Internet Day’, Google has announced a few Fi VPN improvements including the Fi VPN for Android going out of beta. This Fi VPN is also expanding to iPhone users so everyone, even non-Android users, can have access to security and privacy features.

More people can now take advantage of Google Fi blocking suspected spam and unwanted calls. This is offered free. According to Google, “Fi blocks tens of thousands of spam calls every day”.

Your personal phone number is secured against theft. You can also benefit from protection like notifications for suspicious activity, account recovery process, or 2-step verification.

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