Google Fi ends 30GB data limit, grace period for late payments

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Google Fi Covid19 Response

Google Fi is Google’s very own mobile carrier service. It takes advantage of other cellular networks so the subscriber can be switched to whatever network is strongest in an area. It’s an MVNO telecom service that aims to provide reliable connection all the time in the United States. Earlier this year, the Google Fi team extended the grace period for payments due to the pandemic. It was a good decision as every one needs all the possible help. However, the offer is about to end.

Google announced that the standard policies for data speeds and late payments will be implemented once again. The Google Fi team will apply the three-day grace period once again for late payments. This means you need to pay right away or within three days if you are on Google Fi.

Full speed data limits for Flexible and Unlimited plan holders will go back to 15GB and 22GB for the first billing cycle starting September 3. Google Fi’s response to the Covid-19 situation isn’t ending. It’s just that some changes are being made.

Finances are hard-hit by the coronavirus so many companies are making adjustments. The Google Fi management has done its contribution by also raising the full-speed data limit to 30GB for all plan users. However, all good things come to an end. The offer is ending which means the 60 day-allowance to send  payment will end and will be back to three days only.

Google Fi can still give an extension. Just send a request to Google Fi directly from your account page. If you miss a payment and there is no extension, it means you will not be able to use data, send or receive SMS, or make or accept calls. Make sure you pay on time so you won’t get disconnected.

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