Google Family Link updated, lets you limit time on each apps

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Google Family Link update

Over two years ago, Google launched the new Family Link app to help parents and guardians manage children’s gadget usage. It was quickly made available to everyone in the US and eventually for teens and more devices. The app has since been updated several times to do more things like manage Chromebooks. It will soon be available to more Android devices especially the parental controls are now integrated with Digital Wellbeing beta. Today, we’re learning the Family Link can now limit time spent on individual apps.

The parental control app is regularly updated and the latest will continue to help the adults in managing the phone usage of the kids. Another helpful feature has been added. It’s something that parents will definitely love.

A function in parental control can now set time limits for specific apps installed on a phone. This way, usage is very much controlled and the children don’t waste their time on their smartphones. (Something parents also need?)

Google Family Link isn’t just exclusive to Android. It can also work on iPhones with at least iOS. Parents’ phones must be on at least Android 4.4 Kitkat but kids’ phones must start at Android 7 Nougat. Download the Google Family Link app from the Google Play Store and see for yourself.

Parents must link their and their child’s Google account. Use the app to view phone activities. Data may include what apps are in use or how often they are being used. Remote control from the app is possible too. You can manage the apps the children can use by approving or blocking downloads.

Unlimited access can be given to educational apps. Social networks and mobile games will be limited. The app simply works by stopping access to the apps once the limit is achieved. Bonus time limits can also now be added for individual apps. The keyword is “bonus” so it can be freely given to kids as a special reward for maybe good behavior or good grades.

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