Google details four new features coming to Samsung devices

To celebrate Samsung’s big Unpacked event today, Google has unveiled four new features it’s been working on together with Samsung, which will all become available for the Korean company’s devices.

On the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6, Google’s Gemini will “soon” give relevant suggestions based on what’s on your screen. When you watch a video on the Fold6, you will be able to bring up the Gemini overlay and move it across the screen for a true multitasking experience. And if you’re watching something on YouTube, Gemini will bring up the “ask about this video” suggestion. These features will be available “in the coming months”.

Next up, Google wants you to know that Circle to Search is fully supported on the new Fold6 and Flip6, allowing you to learn complex topics like symbolic math and scan barcodes and QR codes on your screen starting “later this month”, in addition to its already available translation capabilities and homework help for “a range of physics and math problems”.

Google details four new features coming to Samsung devices

The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra run Wear OS 5, in fact being the first smartwatches to do so (Google’s own Pixel Watch 3 will also run Wear OS 5 when it arrives next month). The new version of Google’s wearable software features improved performance and battery life, and the latter should also be helped by the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s huge battery capacity of course.

Google details four new features coming to Samsung devices

Finally, on the Galaxy Z Fold6, YouTube TV subscribers will be able to watch channels in multiview mode, with up to four different streams showing up on the screen at any given time. You’ll be able to pick some pre-selected combinations of football, news, weather, and simultaneous sporting events.

Google says it’s also working closely with Samsung on the upcoming XR platform, which will hopefully be coming soon to compete with Apple’s visionOS.


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