Google could fix what Samsung hasn’t with the Pixel foldable

According to the latest information by popular display consultant, Ross Young, both Samsung and Google’s upcoming foldables could feature similar-sized folding displays. Ross Young’s tweet mentions that the rumored foldables from both companies will have a similar-sized folding display. We are talking about the inside display here.

Previous rumors and leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could sport a similar design to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Going by that, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 could come with a 7.6-inch primary screen, similar to Google’s foldable phone. However, there could be one difference between Samsung and Google’s foldables, and it is the biggest one.

Notably, the Google foldable phone is speculated to come with a smaller 5.8-inch outer display but with a wider aspect ratio than Samsung’s 6.19-inch panel on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This means that there’s a chance Google’s foldable will have a wider — and more easily usable — outer screen compared to Samsung’s Z Fold 4.

Again, these are just rumors and there is no confirmation on when Samsung or Google, for that matter, will unveil their upcoming foldable smartphones and what their exact specs will be.

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