Google Cloud Anchors brings persistent AR experiences for real world locations

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Google brought the Cloud Anchors API in ARCore two years ago at the I/O 2018, making it possible to share augmented reality content across multiple devices, but it lacked the ability to retain content once the interface of the app/game was closed on the phone. That is destined to change as cross-platform (for iOS, Android, and Unity mobile sharing) Cloud Anchors is going to be out there for developers with ARCore 1.20. This means, more developers will get the opportunity to explore the possibilities of AR apps with the ability to have AR content available over time so that users can visit them anytime.

In the latest announcement, Google team talked about some of the apps that will leverage the features of Cloud Anchors API. MARK, a social platform takes advantage of the API as it allows you as a user to pin AR messages at locations that you visit so that friends and family can see your scribes when they visit. SJ Labs is another app that uses the AR platform to guide the passengers to their train departures at the Central Station in Stockholm.

To make things even better Google is going to sync it up with the Earth Cloud Anchors which makes use of the localized technology to feed the Google Maps’ Live View directions so that the user is guided straight to the usable AR content when demanded. The users will get step-by-step directions, guiding them seamlessly to the location. All this is done without leaving the mapping interface for smooth user experience.

Although the feature is still in its early days and developers can test it out, it points to the untapped AR capabilities that can be helpful in daily life. The possibilities are endless right from drawing virtual street art or designing the living space of your liking to learning more about the natural world or getting insight about the significance of historical places.

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