Google Camera 8.1 adds cinematic pan,new UI to older Pixel phones

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Google Camera 8.1 Update

The Google Camera app needs some updating and the tech giant is working on new ones. The last one we mentioned was about the video size limit on Android 11. It is something not many people are happy with. There was also that Google Camera 7.5 version that confirmed the arrival of the Pixel 4a and new camera features. This week, we’re learning about the Google Camera 8.1 version bringing a newer UI, as well as, a cinematic pan to some older Pixel smartphones.

Google Camera 8.0 was first introduced in the newly announced Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. This app comes with new features including Cinematic and Night Sight portrait mode among others. A new UI has been presented with new buttons, as well as, quick access toggles to different video modes or a quick zoom toggle. These features can now be added to older Pixel phones via a software update.

There is no official announcement from Google yet but the new version is already on the Play Store. Owners of older Pixel devices can try getting the update. Feel free to see for yourselves the Google Camera 8.1’s Cinematic Pan and the revamped UI.

The good news was shared and reported on Twitter. There is no telling though if all features found on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are also part of this version. You can get the updated version on the Play Store. You can also sideload the Google Camera 8.1 APK.

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