Google Camera 7.2 adds Astrophotography, Super Res Zoom to Pixels

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For several years now, the Google app has since received dozens of updates. It was noted to once let Android Wear call the shots, do Smart Burst, disable sounds, add flash to selfie cam, Portrait Mode, 4K video support to non-Google phones, wide-angle sensors on LG smartphones, HDR+, get a new UI, Night Sight, Tracking Autofocus, Motion Metering, aperture switching to Samsung devices, and telephoto lens. Most of these features were made available first on Pixel phones but also rolled out to other Android phones.

Today, the Google Camera 7.2 mod gets new important features like Super Res Zoom and Astrophotography. They sound like out of this world but the Super Res Zoom was only updated. Meanwhile, Astrophotography is a new feature that launched on the Pixel 4.

With the mod, old Pixel phone models will get Astrophotography and Super Res Zoom plus new ports. The Astrophotography shooting mode is ideal when you want to shoot the night skies filled with stars.

The old Astro mode for Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 can soon enjoy the Astro mode plus the Focus options in Night Sight. For Pixel 2, it gets Learned Depth in Portrait Mode with a modded lib. As for the Super Res Zoom feature, it can be enabled even when zoomed or in Night Sight similar to the Pixel 3. Auto time in the selfie cam, synthetic fill flash for Pixel 2, and SFF in Camera mode for the Pixel 3a have been enabled as well.

Most of the Pixel 4 features are being added to the older Pixel versions. Other Android devices are also expected to receive the same Google Camera features and updates. If you see an available Google Camera port, try to get it and install it to see the changes and improvements. You may also check the Google Play Store for the related update from time to time.

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