Google Calendar finally brings Tasks to mobile

With a lot of people working not just on their desktops but also on mobile devices, it’s already common sense to bring features to both platforms. But for some time now, you could only view, caret, and edit Tasks on the desktop version and not on Google Calendar. Finally, Google has come to its senses and made Tasks available on the mobile version of Google Calendar. This way, users will be able to integrate their To-do lists onto their daily and weekly schedules.

If you haven’t used tasks yet, it’s a pretty useful tool for listing down your, well, tasks and to-dos, if only it were available and accessible in both mobile and desktop and would sync easily. Well, it became available as a stand-alone app and also was integrated into the desktop version of Gmail. Still, there was something missing when it came to integrating this app and feature into the other Google apps and so it didn’t really take off as it should.

That should all change now or so Google hopes. The mobile version of Google Calendar will no be able to view their existing tasks and also create new ones directly from the app itself. The tasks will appear on the calendar itself so you can see your “real” workload for the day or the week. You can also add other information to your tasks, like choosing a block of time to accomplish it, note with details, choosing to repeat the task on a weekly or monthly basis, etc.

Basically, how you create events is also how you create tasks. Having a mobile integration with Google Calendar is pretty crucial especially for those that are working on their gadgets most of the time now. Hopefully, soon they can also add an integration to the Gmail mobile app so everything is actually well synced across the whole Google eco-system.

Don’t worry if you’re not seeing Tasks yet on Google Calendar as it will take two weeks to roll it out to all users. It will be available for G Suite customers and those with personal Google accounts as well.

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