Google brings improvements to Collections on Search mobile app

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Even when you use Google Search a lot for your daily work-related and personal needs, you can sometimes still forget about things you previously searched for but may actually need in the future. Google is now bringing some improvements to mobile search and is using artificial intelligence to suggest new Collections that you can create or adding items to your current Collections based on past searches that have been grouped together. This will make the Collections section more similar to Pinterest.

Using the power of AI, the Collections section in the Google Search app and mobile web will now make suggestions for you as they group similar pages you’ve searched for before. For now, it’s mostly about cooking, shopping, and hobbies. You can then save the suggested collections for later reading or for future pegs. The suggestions are found in the Collections tab on your Google app, which is now more prominent and has replaced the Recent searches tab.

If you decide to save the Collection, you will also be able to see related content based on what you’ve saved. Just tap on the “Find More” button that you can see within the collection and it will give you suggestions as to what else you can browse, save, and maybe even buy. This will make Collections probably even more like Pinterest and we can expect even more features that will be added here.

You can also now share your collections with other people and get them to collaborate. When sharing, you can choose to just let others view or you can add them as a collaborator and they can add their own items to the collection. This can be useful if you’re planning a party or event and you need other’s input. You can always bring it back to private if you don’t need collaborators anymore.

The suggested collections will only be available in the U.S and for English users for now. Seeing related content will launch in the coming weeks while sharing and collaborating on a collection is now available globally.

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