Google Authenticator promises safer data even after transfer

Google Authenticator 2SV codes

Just in case you missed it, yesterday was ‘World Password Day’. Yes, there is such a day for those who care about passwords and security. For everyone’s peace of mind, Google has announced some updates to the Google Authenticator 2-Step Verification (2SV) process. Managing the ‘codes’ is made easier even when done across multiple devices. This feature lets users transfer data to devices that run Google Authenticator. The app makes it easier especially for anyone who will be transferring data from an old phone to a new smartphone.

Transferring of Google Authenticator 2SV codes is more secure now. It’s usually critical in protecting accounts from any foreign or unauthorized access especially if using 2SV. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is needed but must be used with caution.

These mechanisms are used to verify identity. They use password and another proof of identity like a passcode or security key. With Google Authenticator, 2SV (2-Step Verification) is easier and more secure. Google describes this as a safer alternative.

2-Step Verification is being used now by millions of people. It’s preferred more than the passcodes sent through SMS or text. What’s better now is that during transfer, no data is sent to Google’s servers. That is a promise by Google.

The tech giant has ensured security and privacy by only allowing communication between two devices. Anyone’s 2SV information will never be accessed without physical access to a phone. Google also added different in-app logs and alerting mechanisms. Doing this lets users know when a transfer is being made.

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