Google Assistant updates, improvements announced at CES 2020

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GOOGLE Assistant CES 2020

Google usually makes major announcements during the Google I/O which happens May of each year but it’s taking advantage of this year’s biggest tech event. Google has taken the CES floor captive with some important information regarding one of its biggest services–the Google Assistant. The digital assistant has since grown into an effective artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. First introduced in 2012 as a potential rival to Siri, the Google Assistant has definitely beat Siri when it comes to relevance and accuracy of results.

According to Google, the Assistant is getting further improvements starting with the enabling of natural reading of long-form content. Traditional screen readers will be upgraded as Google continues to advance in language understanding and speech. When it comes to smart home management, the tech giant is Scheduled Actions for better control but will be out later this 2020.

The whole family will benefit soon with new features like digital sticky notes with the Assistant on any smart display. On the topic of data and privacy, Google is introducing control over settings and data.

Setting up smart devices with the Assistant will be easier and faster than ever. All you need is your smartphone loaded with a manufacturer’s specific app. Make sure the Google Home app is also installed. You should see a “suggestion button”.

Smart home control adds the time so you can say “Hey Google, run the coffee maker at 6 a.m.” You can also set sked for other smart devices from coffee makers to vacuums, bathtubs, air purifiers, and AC units. Expect more will be added to like as more brands are being tapped to work with the Google Assistant. Google has listed some devices like August Smart Locks, Telus Wi-Fi Hub routers, D-Link Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight camera, Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box, GE Appliances Ultrafresh Front Load Washer, Somfy TaHoma Hub, VIAROOM Smart, and Yeelight Staria Bedside Lamp Pro among others.

With the advancing speech technology, you can say “Hey Google, read this page” when you are reading an article. It can also translate the article in different languages–all 42 available.

Other important features and improvements Google is introducing include the interpreter mode as a real-time translation feature for the phone or smart speaker. This feature will also expand on more places like airport lounges, banks, organizations, sporting events places, and more hotels in key markets.

The Google Assistant is also made more secure and private. If in standby mode, the Assistant will wait until activated. Two new voice actions have been added as well: “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you” and “Hey Google, are you saving my audio data?”

The Google Assistant is becoming more advanced that it’s arriving in more TVs, speakers, and cars. More products from top brands will be part of the Google Assistant ecosystem.

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