Google Assistant update allows web pages to be read out loud

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Google Assistant Web Page Reader

The Google Assistant has since evolved into a smarter and advanced voice assistant. It was first introduced as a rival to Siri but we can say it is better. That is expected because Google knows everything. The search giant is the most reliable search engine so Google Assistant’s database is very large. Accessing the Google Assistant can be done on several devices including smartphones, Chromebooks, wearables, smart displays, and smart speakers. Ever since its introduction, we knew it would change over the course of several years as technology also progresses.

We have noted a number of great new features and significant improvements delivered via software updates but we only remember the most recent ones. The Google Assistant can now make Sonos its default speaker. There are the granular notification settings for Assistant and the Interpreter Mode to Android devices.

Google has also positioned itself to be your travel tour guide. It even made us remember one important command to memorize. More updates and improvements were announced at CES 2020.

We know more updates are under development but the latest Google presented is the ability to “read” web pages. When the Assistant reads, this means you have to listen. It’s like listening to a podcast or audiobook but this time, it’s the Google Assistant in the background.

The update allows the Google Assistant to read the news so you don’t have to do the reading yourself. Just say “Hey Google, read this page” and it will follow right away. It won’t read the page like a robot but you can change the reading speed and even the voices available.

The Google Assistant can read the text almost naturally. It can even read in 42 different languages.

The latest update brings the functional.ity. Changes are automatic but if you don’t want it, there is the nopagereadaloud tag

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