Google Assistant to add new Driving Mode, keyboard dictation

GOOGLE Assistant Driving Mode

Google Assistant will continue to be improved until the tech giant decides to discontinue the service. We highly doubt it will happen as it is one of Google’s most popular offerings today. It is found in most gadgets from Google which is also integrated into a lot of other devices, platforms, and services. Google has been improving the Assistant’s accessibility functions. It’s been trying out shortcuts but it’s pretty basic. More features are becoming more helpful and relevant and we can expect more enhancements and features will be introduced.

The next important update of the Google Assistant is keyboard dictation and Driving Mode. For the health and fitness enthusiasts, integration with other health services will be more beneficial as well. There is no official announcement from Google yet but looking in the most recent Google App update, XDA noticed a few new features. The driving mode and keyboard dictation for some Pixel phones are present within the app.

The APK teardown by XDA has revealed the features but it’s not always certain that Google will release them. There is a possibility the features and improvements are only being tested before the live build is ready.

The Google Assistant Keyboard Dictation may be available soon on the Pixel 4. It may also roll out to older Pixel devices. You can enable this within the Gboard when you see the mic button to dictate messages and then send them. No need to type on the keyboard because your voice is enough.

The Google Assistant Driving Mode may also launch soon. The UI for the new feature was sighted but the Driving Mode didn’t open. Actually, it’s been over a year since we mentioned that Driving Mode would come soon to the Google Assistant. The UI is said to be different but is similar to Google Maps’ new car mode UI.

We’ll be waiting for the next update for the Google Assistant. We can expect the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4, and the Pixel 4a 5G will receive the new version first.

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