Google Assistant-powered Nest Hub Max finally available for $229

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The old adage that bigger is better doesn’t always apply to gadgets. But when it comes to the bigger version of the Nest Hub called the Nest Hub Max, this might actually be true. The 10-inch smart display obviously looks better and bigger and Google has brought much improvement into how Google Assistant will be able to maximize the display as well as the hardware that this new device brings. But of course, it also comes with a bigger price tag of $229.

Design-wise, it sticks to the distinctive motif they introduced with the Nest Hub but this time the only colors available are Chalk and Charcoal finishes. The bigger real estate though means you can do and see much more with the Nest Hub Max, including a bigger and better display for all those Google Photos that get displayed when the device is at rest. You can see not just the photos but also the digital clock from across the room, but you can still choose from other standby screen options if you prefer something else.

The Nest Hub Max comes with two front 10W tweeters as well as a 30W woofer which ups the quality speaker-wise, giving it a more robust and clearer sound as well. And unlike the Nest Hub, this one comes with a 6.5 MP camera so you can make video calls through Google Duo. If you’re moving around while making the call, the camera pans and zooms and follows you around. If there’s more than one person in the frame, it also adjusts to encompass everyone who’s in the video call.

The optional Face Match feature can also come in handy as you can personalize the results of what you see on screen depending on your previous habits and preferences. Think of it as a visual version of Voice Match. When the camera recognizes you after you’ve trained it to, what you see on the screen depends on the user and also the time of day. In the morning it will show you your agenda, traffic conditions going to the office, etc. And of course, since it’s Nest branded as well, you can use the device as security and smart home hub.

You also get gesture controls for the Nest Hub Max so you don’t need to touch it if you need to pause the music or video, you just raise your hand to the screen and it will do so. Google listed 101 ways you’ll be able to use the device so you might want to check that out. It’s now available in the U.S. through Google Store for $229 and can also be bought through Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, etc. You can also get it in the U.K. and Australia.

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