Google Assistant now helps you find your Tile-connected items

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Bluetooth trackers are pretty helpful for people who tend to forget where they put stuff. And while you can use your smartphone to look for them, there are times when you need something but maybe your hands are not free. The good news now is that Google Assistant-powered devices will be able to help you track your items with Tiles attached to them. The integration between the two is just the latest upgrade to the Tile service as they prepare for Apple’s reported entry into the tracker market.

If it’s the first time you’ve ever heard of Tile, it’s basically a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to things like keys, wallets, remote controls, bags, etc. You will be able to find the item when you open the app on your phone and it is still within the designated area. Now you will also be able to ask your Google Assistant where your Tile or item is. Any Google Assistant-powered device can give you answers to your questions pertaining to the Tiled item.

You can say, “Hey Google, make my backpack ring” if you think your bag is within hearing distance. Or you can also ask the location of your Tile by asking, “Hey Google, where is my wallet” if you’ve indicated on your app where the Tile is attached. Basically it can ring your Tile or see where your Tile’s last seen location is. If you’re using a Nest device, you might get a response like “Your wallet was last seen today at 6PM near the living room speaker.”

In case you left your Tiled item somewhere not near you, Google Assistant can tell you the street address where it was last seen based on its location services. Now the only question would be is if it will still be there once you locate it, especially if it’s in a crowded area or it’s a valuable item. But at least it can help you trace where you would have left it.

Apple is reportedly getting into the Bluetooth tracking market soon so Tile has to stay relevant. They’ve been upgrading their services the past few months, including bringing the first-ever laptop with a built-in Tile.

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