Google Assistant now helps you change stolen passwords on your phone

Even though Bixby is Samsung’s own virtual personal assistant, your Galaxy phone still features Google Assistant. All Android phones have access to the many useful features that Google Assistant provides.

A new feature has gone live which will go a long way in protecting your privacy online. Google Assistant is now capable of helping you change your passwords that may have been stolen and leaked online in a data breach.

This feature will eventually work with more websites

Google first announced last year that Chrome for Android will work with Assistant to help users change compromised passwords. This feature was to be gradually rolled out and it appears that it’s now finally making its way to most users.

When you log into a site with a password that’s leaked online, you’ll automatically be prompted to change it. Just tap on the ‘Change automatically’ button that has the Assistant logo and you’ll directly be sent to the page from where you can change your password. Enter your own or have the integrated password manager suggest a new one. The Assistant can do everything for you and you always have the option to make changes manually at every stage.

This feature doesn’t work on all sites at this point in time. Google will eventually provide requirements that websites have to meet to work with this feature. We can expect the number of sites that support the Assistant-backed password change feature to grow in the coming weeks.

Since a lot of people have the habit of using the same password for every account online, a leaked password can quickly become a major problem. This feature will help prevent the potential damage that compromised passwords can cause to your online presence.

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