Google Assistant glitch paralyzes some smart devices

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For the past few days, some Google users have found their smart devices linked to their account severely paralyzed as their Google Assistant doesn’t seem to be working. The glitch, which gives a “Can’t reach Google at the moment” message, basically renders all Assistant-powered devices including smart speakers and displays, useless. Commands and routines cannot be processed and accessed, which may ruin a user’s day (or days in most cases) and routine. Google says they are aware of the problem but no solution has been given as of the moment.

According to 9 to 5 Google, this problem has arisen for several Google users the past week and seems to be tied to the specific account that they use. When using Google Assistant, some users are able to have their query transcribed before getting the glitch message appears. Some get the error as soon as the Assistant panel slides up. In any case, it has affected all of the Assistant-powered devices connected to the user’s account, including smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays.

Smart displays are the most affected as you will not be able to bypass the white boot screen and so you are unable to use it, basically. The smart speakers will tell you, “Something went wrong” or “There is a glitch”. But this also means all the routines you’ve set up will not be able to work, which can be annoying for those who’ve already been living by said routines. Even third-party devices like JBL Link View and Insignia alarm clock are affected.

Some have tried uninstalling updates to the Google app then reinstalling them. Some have tried resetting the hardware. Both have failed and with the latter, you can’t even restore Google Assistant as you can’t move beyond the “Set up Google Assistant” screen. The only thing that may have worked for some is using a different Google account but then you lose all the connected subscriptions and content.

Google has said they are “aware of the issue” and that they are “continuing to investigate”. But no temporary solution seems to have been suggested so affected users will just have to live with Google Assistant not working for them right now.

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