Google Assistant and Tile will help you find lost items more easily

If you’re the kind of person who forgets things a lot, having products like Tile has probably helped you somewhat. And it looks like things may become even easier for you if you depend a lot on your Google Assistant. Tile has announced they’re teaming up with Google and integrating their finding technology with the tech giant’s digital assistant. Your Google Assistant-enabled device can now become an additional hub to ring up your lost item which should have a Tile attached to it.

Basically with this new partnership, what will happen is that you can use voice commands through Google Assistant to find your missing Tile and therefor your missing item. This is because of Tile’s direct ring technology which lets the platform to connect with and then ring the item with the attached Tile. So if you’ve misplaced your wallet, bag, notebook, etc, all you have to do is ask Google to find it.

According to Tech Crunch, it’s probably not a coincidence that this announcement is coming on the heels of rumours that Apple may be developing a product that will complete with Tile. Some users spotted codes referencing something called Items in the “Find My” app that has been part of the iOS platform for some time now. So telling everyone that you’re in a partnership with Apple’s biggest rival is not random but probably intentional.

Tile is considered to be one of the top Bluetooth-powered lost-item trackers and having a new player in the market isn’t new to them. But if it’s indeed an Apple-powered product that would compete with them, then that’s a threat worth looking into. And so various partnerships with different brands, including Google, will help them be more secure in their branding and positioning.

The Tile and Google Assistant partnership will launch later this year but they didn’t give a specific time frame. Given that we only have four months left in this year, that should be anytime soon.

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