Google Assistant 2.0 vs Siri speed put to the test

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This won’t take long. We can tell you all you need to know about the difference between the Google Assistant and Siri but we want you to see for yourself which one is better and faster. The video below will tell you why. There is no bias here as ‘In Depth Tech Reviews’ was doing the same thing to both phones. The same questions and tasks were asked to each voice assistant but it is clear who is more efficient in handling the queries.

In the almost 8-minute video below, it only took the Google Assistant some two minutes to finish the tasks and answer the questions. The version of the Assistant here is 2.0 on the Pixel 4 XL while Siri is found on the iOS 13.2 on an iPhone.

The new Pixel 4 XL with the improved Google Assistant is said to be more powerful than ever. It should be faster too which means processing will be faster. Watch the full comparison video below:

The Google Assistant version 2 is the clear winner. It is able to take back-to-back commands almost immediately and without any lag. As for Siri, it frequently probes and even requires a lot of tapping or clicking on the phone when the Google Assistant is really smooth.

Siri keeps on asking many questions as if it doesn’t understand your first command. Perhaps it is not that “smart” compared to the Google Assistant. We remember before when Siri came first and had Google follow with a rival. The Assistant had so much potential that it is upgraded and made more advanced compared to Siri through the years.

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