Google apps start appearing on Samsung’s Galaxy Store

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Google’s Play Store comes installed on all certified Android devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It is the primary source for users to find and install apps and games. However, the internet services giant has now started publishing its apps on Samsung’s Galaxy Store app marketplace. This goes on to show the deepening partnership between Google and Samsung.Right now, only two Google apps are available on the Galaxy Store: Google Translate and Wear OS by Google. However, we can expect the number of Google apps listed on the Galaxy Store to increase in the coming days. Google, which develops the Android operating system for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and smart TVs, has been publishing its apps on app marketplaces of other brands such as Realme.Over the past few years, Samsung has been uploading its homegrown Android apps on the Play Store. As of now, the company has close to two dozen apps on the Play Store. This makes it easier for users to update all the apps on their phones from a single place. It also makes it easier for Samsung to issue updates to its stock apps without needing to push a complete firmware update.
Wear OS By Google App On Samsung Galaxy Store

Google Apps On Samsung Galaxy Store

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