Google and Samsung combine Wear OS, Tizen for smartwatches

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It’s done. Google and Samsung have further strengthened their professional relationship by combining their powers to unify both Wear OS and Tizen. As we mentioned a while ago, the Wear OS has been updated as a unified platform that includes Samsung’s very own Tizen. Wear OS and Tizen have been combined so the result is a more powerful wearable platform. We’ll still call it Wear OS but with a hint of Tizen OS. The idea used to be just a rumor but it turned out to be true after all.

The Wear OS and Tizen unified platform is not just for Samsung Galaxy watches. It’s also available for future Android smarwatches from other OEMs. At the Google I/O 2021 keynote earlier today, Google has promised faster and better device performance, more apps, and longer battery life.

Details are not complete but we can expect start-up time is faster by up to 30%. A number of features have been optimized like the heart rate sensor and sleep tracking. In the future, developing wearable apps for Android watches will be easier.

The unified platform can still be covered by custom UIs set by OEMs or watch makers. Tools in making wearable apps will be changed for the wearable OS. Wear OS wearable experience will be faster than ever and more convenient to use with more shortcuts for key functions and home screen customizations.

Fitbit features are also integrated into the Wear OS since Google already acquired Fitbit. The best of Samsung’s Tizen are added to Wear OS for an enhanced smartwatch experience. Note that Tizen-based Galaxy Watches will get three years of support.

In a separate press release, Samsung has promised bringing consumers with the best mobile experience. The new platform will deliver both Galaxy smartwatches and smartphones better connected experiences.

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