Google adds Advanced Protection Program to Nest devices

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To beef up security, Google is adding its Advanced Protection Program to Nest devices. The announcement was made in a Google Security blog post on June 1.  This security offering will add much stronger account protection for people at risk of targeted attacks online. Such people include, but not limited to, journalists, businessmen, social activists, politicians and others associated with elections.

Advanced Protection Program since launch has allowed people to sign up for access to a range of additional security features against Google account phishing attacks. It is aimed at high-risk targets but is available for anyone to join. You can enroll in Advanced Protection Program with two physical security keys, Android or iOS phones. It protects the account from harmful attacks and also keeps phishing apps at bay.

With the new announcement to add Advanced Protection to Nest devices, you can now enroll your Google Account for protection and use the security devices. Prior to the announcement, Google Account could only be used either with the Protection Program or Nest devices.

Added security means the Nest is more secure than ever before – it’s important because Nest has been prone to security issues. Google is consistently toiling to make the eco-system more protected to attacks, and for this, it had recently mandated two-factor authentication and now this added protection will really beef up Nest’s security.

According to the blog post, bring the Advanced Protection Program to Nest was top requests received from users. Google though suggests that all home members should enroll in Advanced Protection since the protection could be sacrificed if Nest users share the home and other members do not have access to the Advanced Protection.

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