Google adds a new Highlights tab to its Contacts app

After receiving the Material You makeover last month, Google is adding another feature, more specifically, a new tab, to its Google Contacts app on Android. Apart from the ‘Contacts’ and ‘Fix & Manage’ tabs in the new Material You bottom bar on the Google Contacts app, you now get the new ‘Highlight’ tab.

The Google Contacts Highlight tab sits between the ‘Contacts’ and ‘Fix & Manage’ tabs at the bottom bar. Below the search bar, you get the Favorites grid, which fits four icons where you will find four of your favorite contacts. You can easily add new contacts using the ‘Add’ button placed in the top-right corner.

Underneath the Favorites grid, there is the ‘Recents’ section, where you get a two-tabbed list. It starts with the ‘View Recently’ section showing you the contacts with that you have most recently interacted. Each of the contacts in this ‘Recents’ section is accompanied by a date. Using the overflow menu, you can delete the history. There is an ‘Added Recently’ section that gives you access to the recently added contacts.

All these changes are rolling out with the new update. With all the above-mentioned changes, the Google Contacts app gets a bit busy. Although the ‘Fix & Manage’ tab is useful for accessing some useful tools, it isn’t clear whether it requires a separate tab at the bottom bar. The Google Contacts Highlight tab is more useful as it lets you search for contacts via a grid that is visually appealing and friendly.

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