Good Lock updated with better connectivity, more customization

Good Lock App

Some people may have forgotten about the Good Lock app but Samsung still has not stopped working on it. We last mention a Samsung Good Lock module that creates live wallpapers and then there is that virtual touchpad module. It offers support for Android 10 and One UI 2.0 so we can probably expect new changes will be introduced once One UI 3.0 is widely available. The app has been updated recently with more customization and new features for better connectivity.

The application is ideal for those who want to make their devices fully their own with personalization features. The interface and appearance can be customized in several areas of a Galaxy device.

The Good Lock app is getting new features that will let you customize more your keyboard, wallpaper, and the S Pen. Good Lock is getting a new app in the form of Pentastic. This one is for the S Pen. You can now personalize how the stylus responds to you by choosing theme and sound options. You can choose Hover pointer or Air command.

An S Pen shortcut can also be set. Choose what app you want to launch with a double-tap on the screen. This gives you the liberty to have quick access to any app you frequently use or open.

Wonderland is still a big part of Good Lock. This lets you customize wallpapers and your homescreen or lockscreen. A wallpaper can be made in 3D and you can actually make them move too.

The Home Up app is also getting some changes. Use the Share Manage to hide specific commands like Direct Share or Share Nearby. The app offers more control of the sharing UX by letting you manage apps that show up in your sharing window.

Wireless Keyboard Sharing can be enjoyed with the MultiStar app. You can soon use the keyboard with multiple devices and switch between them easily and quickly. The app also allows orientation shifting for pinned apps.

When it comes to customizing the keyboard, the Keys Cafe4 app can do the job. You can change the settings like keyboard height and width with resizing options. You can also change the key layout position.

Keys Cafe will soon release a game feature that provides scores and rankings of your typing. The goal is to minimize typos so it’s something that can be fun for everyone.

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