Good Lock Task Changer available again

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Good Lock Task Changer

Samsung’s Good Lock app has been revolutionary ever since it was introduced almost five years ago. It has since grown from a simple lockscreen app to being updated with Material Design up to a number of customization options. Good Lock has received several updates especially when a new Android version is available. More Samsung Good Lock modules have been introduced as well but unfortunately with the most recent One UI 3.1 update, most of the modules presented issues on compatibility.

If you miss Task Changer, know that the latest update brings it back. This popular tool had some issues with the last One UI version. The South Korean tech giant has already worked on the problem. There’s a catch: you won’t be able to easily find it.

The Task Changer is now a Home Up feature as designated by Samsung. It used to be a stand-alone app but it’s different now. You may not be able to download it. If you want to use the Task Changer features , you may get the latest Home Up version or at least

The features are the same so don’t expect much change. You can’t consider it as a separate Good Lock module. You can still take advantage of older features like layout customization for the Recent Apps screen from the List option to Grid or Stack as per our source.

You can make more changes in Recent Apps like enable/disable gesture-based app switching, use app labels instead of app icons, or hide the search bar. Feel free to get the APK or download this version manually:

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