Good Lock app and modules receive One UI 3.0 update

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The Good Lock app has been a pretty useful one to have for Samsung users who want to have more customization options for their devices. Well, the app itself is just a gateway to the numerous modules that are available within the platform. Now it is receiving the much-awaited One UI 3.0 update and along with the update to the app itself, a lot of the modules within in are also receiving updates from this latest version of the Samsung UI that is based on the latest Android update.

SAM Mobile shares what are the updates that some of the Good Lock modules are receiving. For example, One Hand Operation+, which is pretty self-explanatory from its name, has removed the fit to keyboard option but it’s receiving new actions that you can explore. The Split Screen function is also getting a fix with the One UI 3.0. Another module called Theme Park gets new things like UI improvements, quick panel theme customization options, and support for tablets running One UI 3.0.

The NavStar module, which offers customization options for the navigation bar, is getting a more comprehensive update. It now has things like support for gesture settings so you can change the width and color of the gesture handle, the navigation bar can be hidden with the Show and hide button toggle, the addition of volume up and down buttons, and the option to remove the rotate button on the navigation bar.

The other modules that can be found in the Good Lock app will probably also be getting updates in the next few weeks. The underlying code changes that the major Android updates bring means that the modules really need to be updated to support the latest OS version. Power users have been waiting for this for some time now so now at least we know the update to Good Lock and all the modules have started rolling out.

You can update Good Lock by launching the app on your device. But if you’re a bit impatient, you can also manually download it through an APK service.

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