Gmail finally starts rolling out dark mode for Android 10

If you’ve been waiting for the dark mode for Gmail because all that white space all these years has been straining your eyes, you’re finally getting it. Well, for now, only those Pixel devices running Android 10 will be able to enjoy the dark background while reading their email. Some Reddit users have spotted seeing the dark mode on their devices just a few weeks after the latest major Android update started rolling out to Pixel users and the rest of us will have to wait a few more months.

The dark mode option simply put turns your white screens to black and your black text to white. Over the past couple of years, this has been a much-requested, nay, demanded option for apps and devices. There have been “studies” saying it lessens the strain on our eyes in low lighting environments and may even help us wind down and sleep early at night, not to mention it’s less pressure on our batteries.

Reddit users started posting that they now have the dark mode option on their Pixel devices. You can find the option to do so in your settings where you can choose from light, dark, or system default. Android 10 is the first of the OS to have a system default but of course, the apps still have to have their own dark mode in order for this to apply. Choosing dark mode will not just turn the background dark but also inbox folders and most of the emails.

Android 10 started rolling out early September and now just a few days later we get one of the major Google apps started giving users their own. But if you have a Pixel device and you don’t see it yet on yours, just be patient a little longer as Google likes to do staggered updates.

As for when the rest of us will get Android 10 and eventually the Gmail dark mode, that remains to be seen. No announcement yet has been made as to schedules so we’ll have to wait for that too.

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