Glint is coming to Microsoft Viva in 2023

Microsoft Viva recently celebrated its first year of existence on February 4, 2022, and just a few weeks into year two is already speeding toward its latest major development with the integration of Glint.

Glint is a self-described “people success platform” that aims to help organizations better utilize data and engage their employees to boost business results. This platform’s mixture of people science and AI will be folded into Microsoft Viva, Redmond’s employee experience platform, to better help companies utilize Viva to its fullest potential.

Given that Viva has over 10 million active monthly users, that amounts to a whole lot of insights in need of analysis and actuation.

Here’s a blurb from Microsoft’s announcement post clarifying how it specifically intends to integrate Glint into Viva:

With Glint joining the Viva family, our vision is to bring feedback directly into the flow of work, ensuring leaders and managers have an easy way to access employee engagement insights and respond to their team’s needs. Additionally, Glint’s powerful survey tools and people science technology will unleash new opportunities in Viva as companies seek to gain a greater understanding of the moments that matter across an employee’s lifecycle.

Glint’s coming to the Microsoft cloud over the course of 2022 and is set to properly arrive in Viva in 2023. It’s already woven in with LinkedIn and is being used to power Microsoft’s annual “Employee Signals” engagement survey.

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