Github mobile app for Android now ready for download

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Github has always been known as our source for almost anything to software development and updates. We often refer to Github as a source for files and information. It’s mainly accessible from a browser because it’s a website but a mobile version is now available. GitHub for mobile was first announced in November last year. The Android version was said to arrive later and we finally saw the beta version in January. It was made ready for testing and now it’s officially and publicly available for all Android OS users.

GitHub for mobile is available on both Android and iOS. It was first released for iOS a few months ago but it’s not on Android. The app is ideal for developers who are always mobile and are working with other devs.

With the Github app, you are free to communicate with the whole team to start a project, fix issues, and merge code. Before you need to get in front of your computer but now you can easily edit right from your smartphone.

Plenty of beta testers, obviously other developers too, have greatly contributed to the process. They reviewed, commented on, and merged requests on the mobile app as part of testing. The app is now out of beta phase and is ready to be released to the general public.

Download the Github mobile app from the Google Play Store. Since the beta was launched, thousands of team interactions have already been made within the app. Other things you can do with Github mobile include organizing tasks in a swipe, giving feedback and responding to issues, and reviewing and merging pull requests.

Github for Mobile

GitHub for mobile also offers a seamless notification experience. You can get notifications from your phone or desktop. More APIs and features are expected to be added later this year.

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