GitHub for mobile introduced, Android version coming soon

Github for Mobile Android iOS App

Github for Mobile is finally happening. Non-developers may not care about this news but for those working behind-the-scenes, a mobile app for GitHub will be more useful. The website has been providing hosting for software development for over a decade now. Devs often dump their files on Github for others to access. With mobile app, anyone can review lines of code, merge changes, and discuss with others even when on-the-go. As with any other mobile app, this one allows flexibility and other benefits that arrive with having a mobile version of any website.

At the moment, the GitHub Universe already has over 40 million developers part of the community. Not everyone shares their contribution but most have been helpful in testing or making recommendations. There is no mention of how many are active users but about 10 million developers have joined in the last year.

These devs come from all over the world and from some three million different organizations. That is a huge number so a mobile app is really needed. The people behind Github has seen its importance.

GitHub for mobile is still in beta but it will already help improve your daily experience. Work can be flexible and communicating with the team will be easier. Review lines of code and give feedback on them. Merge changes right on the app.

GitHub for mobile can also adapt to every screen size automatically. The dark mode is also possible and can change sizes. The app will be available for Android soon. Beta for iOS is now available.

More good news for GitHubbers: GitHub Actions and Packages are now out of beta. On Github, the notifications experience has been redesigned as well. To preserve all the code available in the world, there is the new GitHub Security Lab that will last for a thousand years. More features and enhancements have been added to Github so don’t be overwhelmed.

The Github team wants to make sure the community is allowed a secure environment for development and discussion. For such a large community, many areas must be organized and prioritized. Join the Android beta waitlist HERE.

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