Get the Gate Labs Smart Lock for $120 off this Black Friday

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Smart locks are one of the best ways to improve your home security, as they allow you to lock and unlock your door from a mobile device. On top of that, many of them have bonus features such as video cameras, automated notifications, and more. The Gate Labs Smart Lock is one such lock, and while it’s typically pretty pricey, it’s selling for a massive $120 discount this Black Friday. Make sure to take this deal while it’s available, as it’s a great way to get your hands on an elite smart lock for a fantastic price.

Lock it all down

Gate Labs Smart Lock

Improved security for the win

The Gate Labs Smart Lock is an excellent device that allows you to unlock and lock your door at will on your phone, and it comes with plenty of other bonus features too.

$120 off for Black Friday

The Gate Labs Smart Lock is packed with tons of useful features, chief among them being the fact it has a real-time video playback system that allows you to view whoever is at your door in real-time, as well as review past footage. Additionally, it has an audio system that lets you talk to whoever is at the door, and it also detects motion, too, which is great for situations when it’s dark outside. A potential intruder might not be visible on camera. You can create individual access codes for family members and friends as well, and the lock also comes with three different physical keys you can distribute as necessary. Finally, the lock is capable of pushing notifications to your phone, instantly alerting you when someone’s at the door.

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