Get ready to view YouTube Shorts on your Samsung smart TV

Whether you like it or not, YouTube Shorts were only meant to take over the platform. And guess what: the inevitable is soon going to happen as YouTube has announced that it will be extending its short-format videos (Shorts) to smart TVs, including Samsung’s, across the world.

On November 8, the Google-owned video-sharing platform said that it wants to make its YouTube Shorts more popular than its rival platforms, such as Meta and TikTok, across the globe. YouTube Shorts will be rolled out to smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices that launched after 2019.

Interested users will be able to play or view YouTube Shorts directly from the new and dedicated Shorts page on the homepage of the YouTube app. Else, you can also visit your favorite creator’s channel page and view their Shorts as well. Users will also be able to interact with the Shorts by liking or disliking, reading the titles and descriptions of the videos, and also subscribing to the creator’s channels.

To make the Shorts viewing experience consistent on TV, the developers are experimenting with three different design concepts to fill up the empty space on wide-screen TVs. The first was to know if the Shorts could be conveyed using the traditional video player or if the video player needs a revamp to fill the blank spaces on the two sides. The devs also considered the option to bring a “Jukebox” style video player that shows multiple Shorts to fill up the screen.

After a round of research, the rollout today comprises the Shorts video playing at the center with the title on the right side of it. Just below the title, you will see the sound used in the video. Beneath it, there is the channel icon of the uploader, along with the options to like, dislike, and access more options.

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