Get over $300 off the world’s best AIO PC on Prime Day

One of the most fun parts of events like Prime Day is being able to score big discounts on big ticket items like Windows PCs. Suddenly your budget goes further and you get a chance to get a higher spec, or even a more expensive machine than you were originally planning. All thanks to the mighty discount.

That’s exactly true of this Prime Day deal on Windows Central’s best all-in-one PC, the glorious HP Envy 32. This big, beautiful PC has some steep discounts for the remainder of Prime Day, with Amazon handily beating even HP’s own price cuts. AIO’s aren’t for everyone, but they have many benefits, not least space saving. And when they’re as good as this, they’re hard to ignore.

Even with over $300 off, the HP Envy 32 is a significant purchase. So why, then, is it so good? The closing paragraph from our review, written by Executive Editor, Daniel Rubino, sums it up nicely.

“The HP ENVY 32 AIO is well thought out, and it is not a copycat device; it clearly has its own identity. HP didn’t just stick some parts together but thought about how a computer should work in a modern household, and it created unique solutions that solve problems. The fact that you can do high-end gaming or video editing on it is just a bonus. I’ve never seen an AIO this powerful, and this feature-complete, which is why it’s easy to name the ENVY 32 as the best all-in-one on the planet right now.”

And the Envy 32 isn’t just good for a Windows machine, either. Unless you’re absolutely entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, it offers far better value than the iMac.

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It starts with the massive 4K 31.5-inch HDR display, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Both models on the Prime Day deal have the 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9700 and a 1TB SSD for storage. The price difference between the two pertains to the GPU and the RAM. The cheaper version has 16GB of DDR4 RAM, while the more expensive one has 32GB. Both have dedicated NVIDIA graphics, with the more affordable GTX 1650 in the lower priced option and the RTX 2060 in the more expensive one.

In both cases, though, this is an AIO PC that will demolish anything you want to throw at it. Day to day work will hardly get it out of first gear, and both are capable of more intensive workloads like coding, creative work such as video editing and even gaming. Neither will game at the native 4K resolution of the display, but also don’t forget, this isn’t a gaming PC. But it can definitely game.

This really is an AIO PC that can do it all.

Big discounts on a five star PC

Essentially what you’re getting here is a higher-spec Envy 32 for the same sort of money you’d usually pay for the entry-spec version. And more power for the same money is always the way to go. It’s easy to get excited about laptops, but for many, an AIO like this will be so much more useful, especially as many of us transition to working from home.

When Prime Day is done, though, so too will be the deal. So don’t sleep on it and grab one while you can.

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