Get busy with these office chairs for less than $200

Best Office Chairs Under $200 Windows Central 2019

When you start shopping for a new office chair, the prices of high-end models can be shocking. While they do provide an unbelievable level of comfort and will keep your back from turning into a question mark, there are chairs out there that can do almost the same, but without draining your bank account.

If we’re making some suggestions

All of the above options can be had for a price that won’t come close to the upper-end office chairs, but if we’re making some recommendations, have a look at the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh chair. It costs far less than $200, but it still brings plenty of adjustments, including height and tilt. You get lumbar support thanks to a curved mesh back, and there’s relatively thick padding on the seat to stay comfortable. If you don’t like the idea of always having something behind your head — the chair’s back stops about halfway up — this is a great, cost-effective choice.

If you’re on the other side of the debate and prefer to have full back support from your office chair, IKEA’s Markus is a stellar pick. A few people here at Windows Central use the Markus every day, and it’s proven to be a long-lasting, affordable chair with lumbar support, a mesh back, a headrest, and lots of padding where it counts the most. The arms are removable for a bit of versatility, and you can adjust for height and tilt to get a comfy position.

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