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Reading is a powerful skill that grants us new perspectives and insights, which is why many world-renowned entrepreneurs attribute part of their success to reading. However, it can be hard to set aside time for daily reading, but what if you can gain all the ideas you need just by reading for 12 minutes each day? 12min Micro Book Library offers just that, and you can subscribe now for just $39. 

12min is a massive library that provides micro books that can be digested in 12 minutes. You’ll receive 30 new titles in many different genres each month, so you’ll always have something new to read each day. You can read your micro books over text or listen to them over audio, and you can even send your micro books to your Kindle to read them offline. Best of all, if there’s a book you’re interested in reading, you can pitch it to the 12min team, who will synthesize it into a micro book and add it to their ever-expanding library.

It isn’t hard to become an avid reader, even if you just have 12 brief minutes. 12min Micro Book Library will help you become well-read in (almost) no time for $39, or 88% off.

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