Get a $77K Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Caviar

Every time a new major flagship comes out, expect the luxury smartphone makers to come out and create their own special variants of these devices. Russian company Caviar is one of those and now they have announced that they are designing a Limited Edition luxury version based on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. While the front and all other specs of the device will be the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the changes happen at the back which will be golden among other things.

Let’s Go Digital shares some details about the device. The rear of the smartphone is where Caviar craftsmen do what they’re really good at: transforming “normal” phones into a golden thing of beauty that may cost you a leg or an arm. You still get the quad-camera system but the “island” will now have an ultra-strong black PVD coating. There is also a black surface on the lower right side symmetrical to the camera island where you’ll see the Caviar logo etched in gold.

The rest of the back is made from solid 18-karat gold with decorative lines lasered in, forming the numbers 21. When you order the device, they will be creating only one copy of it so you can say that your phone is truly unique. You’ll get a certificate of authenticity in case you need to prove that it’s really made from gold, or at least most of it is. It will also come in a “special luxury sales package” although what that actually means isn’t clear.

Other than the gold at the back, all the other specifications are that of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. You have a 6.8-inch QHD+ display, a 40MP punch-hole camera, a 5,000mAh battery, and three memory variants to choose from: 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB. This time around there’s no support for memory cards. This also means it’s compatible with the Samsung S Pen in case you feel like turning it into a golden phablet.

Starting price for this Galaxy S21 Ultra Limited Edition is around $77,230 for the 128GB variant. Obviously it goes more expensive the higher the storage memory. If you had $77K to spare, would you get this almost-18K gold variant?

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